Goody Two Shoes Has Been Busy

What a busy month! What a busy life! What a busy Goody!

I landed in Israel after two intense weeks in the UK. My coat pockets stuffed with Cadbury's chocolate mini eggs (despite them not being fair trade) and blocks of for Easter.

I Didn’t Know…

Yet sometimes, I have to say something. It is for this reason I have chosen to join my sisters in Christ on this blog that challenges and urges those who read it to think and then react. The other writers of this blog are my precious sisters in Christ. We don’t agree on everything. But to the best of my understanding, unity does not mean agreeing on every jot and tittle of life, our faith, or politics. And so, I must, like a voice in the wilderness, cry out. I am Vociferor.

Blogger’s Favorites from Q. and Tootsie Pop (Part 4 of 4)

This is the final post in our series looking back on our two years blogging together. In this series we asked each of our 8 bloggers to look back at their favorite blog posts from each of their fellow bloggers. In this post, we focus on our favorite posts from Israeli blogger Q. and Palestinian Jerusalemite blogger Tootsie Pop.