A Palestinian at the January 21 Women’s March

Yesterday, January 21, 2017, I joined the hundreds of thousands of women who united in the Women’s March to protect diverse women’s rights, safety, health and families following the controversial election of President Donald Trump. An unprecedented number of men and women took to the streets of Washington, D.C. and in numerous cities around the United States and the world to non-violently demonstrate, demanding respect for women and their rights. I was fascinated by the various home-made banners held by men, women and children. Some wrote slogans of discontent in response to Trump’s statements during his election campaign regarding women and different minority groups such as immigrants and refugees.

Dealing with the Guilt

Today had ups and downs.  

UP – I visited friends I hadn’t seen in several months due to the fact that they do not have permission to enter Israel and I haven’t had time to go to Bethlehem.

UP – I had the opportunity to share details from my life and make plans with them to meet next month.

Goody Two Shoes Makes Krass

In my life East meets West frequently, often head on, fast and merciless. This time though it was fun, interesting and tasty.

I had been an organiser, motivator and a bit of a nag (nothing new there!) to a group of people who were attending a cooking class in Aida refugee camp in Bethlehem.

Come 2017 - For We Shall Overcome

I’ve been thinking what I can share with you in this new year.  The past several weeks have been unusually difficult for me.  Like most couples, my husband and I work very hard, pouring countless hours into our professions and into our family.  When we go on vacation, we often go with our young children.  This time, my husband I decided to take a trip alone, a short getaway to Paris.  

The Fall of Aleppo

It's supposed to be a time of newness, a time of renewed commitments, or a period of resolve to make better choices.  While it's a new year, many existing tragedies accompany us in this transition from 2016 to 2017.  Below one of our bloggers focuses on one of these tragedies, so immense in its horror that its shadow lingers over all of humanity beckoning us to respond in some way.  

Cultural Awakening

Working in Jerusalem, in a multicultural office, I have the opportunity to learn a lot about families who have different traditions than I do - people who eat different foods, sing different songs and travel to different places.  One woman in my office has been to Turkey several times, a place I’ve yet to feel comfortable to visit for a vacation.  Another person in my office has family lunches every Sunday afternoon.  This week, I got a good schooling on a huge difference that I had not even thought about, and I’ve lived in this country for 23 years!

Middle Space in an Age of Left and Right

I have recently had several interesting conversations with my adult daughter. Growing up in our home, she was exposed to a wide variety of people and learned to respect those from vastly different communities and cultures. Our home was always open, and over the years we had many guests. Meal times were often occasions of deep and interesting conversations. She internalized values of respect for others, fairness, kindness and a sensitivity to issues of justice and human rights.