All in Hope

Hope… Restored

For the past few months, I have thought a lot about becoming a mother. Don’t get too excited – I am not pregnant or anything. However; I have had a few moments recently where I thought “Do I even want to bear a child and bring her/him into this awfully unjust world that we are living in today?”

A Dream for the New Year, Part 4 OF 4

In this fourth and final post of this series, we hear from two of our regulars regarding their hopes and dreams of what should be if anything could be in this New Year. As we close this series, the thoughts shared by our bloggers require effort to take place. We are willing to engage in the effort necessary to change our present for a better future. We hope you will dream with us of what could be in your context, so we can all make changes for a better world together.

A Dream for the New Year, Part 2 OF 4

This month we are running a four-part series where we articulate our dream for 2015. Retaining the ability to dream is an important part of holding onto our hope for something better, and part of envisioning a future in which we want to live.

A Dream for the New Year, Part 1 OF 4

Recently a few of our friends challenged us to keep dreaming about what we wish to see in Israel and Palestine. According to researchers on the Palestine/Israel conflict, part of the impasse we have come to is a result of our inability to dream of something better. In order to have a better future, we need to have an idea of what it could look like.

In honor of the New Year, our regular bloggers will share their hopes and dreams for 2015. Be sure to check back every Sunday this month to see what we dream for 2015 in this four-part series.

Reflection on the Recent Attacks

The Palestinians are terrified of settlers and continue to express their anger over the first incident. Why didn’t it receive the sort of coverage that the incident killing a Jewish baby did or get labeled a terror incident?