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Our Tips to Survive an Intifada

The dramatic surge in violence in Israel and Palestine cannot be called an intifada since we have yet to see if the violence and counter-violence persist, or if violent actions are condoned and embraced by national leadership. At the same time, incitement from our leaders, tension regarding Haram al-Sharif/the Temple Mount, increased restrictions and spreading unrest seem to indicate that we are slipping into this abyss once again. If this is where we are headed, here are a few tips to help prepare you for this eventuality. Stay safe, come what may.  

How Do You News?

Recently some people have asked us what news sources we like, so we asked our eight bloggers where they look for daily updates on local and world news.  What’s the best way to look for your news?  We suggest looking at more than one source, and preferably, sources approaching issues from different angles.