Heart Cries

How does one continue to live in a land where the government legalizes land theft calling it regulation, where the majority voices no objection to repeated confiscation of land to which others hold valid deeds; where killing unarmed, incapacitated persons in cold blood is justified to the extent that the perpetrator is sometimes named “hero?” These questions haunt my days and nights. 

Blogger’s Favorites from Bee and I. (Part 3 of 4)

In honor of our second year blogging together, we have asked our 8 bloggers to take a look back at their favorite blog posts from each of the other bloggers. In this post, we focus on our favorite posts from Palestinian-Israeli blogger Bee and Israeli-American blogger I.. For those of you who are newer readers, we remind you a little bit about each of the bloggers and their background before introducing some of their posts!

3 Prayers for Palestinian Mother’s Day

Being a mother for the first time is such a surreal experience. You need some time to wrap your head around the idea that a little human being has come into this world and is fully and completely reliant on you. While it's a lot of pressure to handle, it's the most beautiful thing to know that you are nourishing and growing this baby and that you are the most essential part of their happiness.

Peace Shackled, Justice Buried

I try in vain to put my children to sleep amidst shouts of “Death to Arabs!” mixed with chants threatening homosexuals, mixed-race couples and anyone in relationship with Palestinians. The extremist right-wing group Lehava is staging a protest in response to a neighboring art gallery’s hosting activists to speak against the occupation. 

Blogger’s Favorites from Goody Two Shoes and Y. (Part 2 of 4)

Here is part 2 of 4 in our joint series in honor of our second year blogging together. Our 8 bloggers take a look back at their favorite blog posts from one another. In this post, we focus on our favorites from Goody Two Shoes, a British blogger married to a Palestinian Israeli and from Y., an American blogger married to a Jewish Israeli.

Arab Idol and Palestinianhood

Palestinians are a resilient people. Despite immense challenges they face, they are rising in the film industry, arts and other areas of pop culture. Through  persistence, hard work and talent, they are winning headlines and awards, from local contests to world renowned contests like the Oscars. And as they get there, each side tries to gain ownership over their creations. Are they Israeli? Are they Palestinian? More importantly, how is their success perceived? 

The Myth of Balance: Navigating Cyberbalkanization in a Post-Truth Era

As an avid follower of the US presidential election and usually intermittent but more recently obsessed consumer of the news, it’s hard to make sense of the many voices coming from the White House and various news sources.  I understand that we can look at one event from different angles, but the levels of misinformation are troubling.