Alice through the Looking Glass

Description: Mother, Messianic Jew, wife, employee, activist, supporter of good ideas, friend, spokesperson and listener. I came to live in Israel 25 years ago from the East Coast of America....I can't believe the changes that have occurred since I grew up in Philadelphia, served 5 years in the US Army, finished with drugs and fast living by calling out to God, learned the Messianic Jewish theology (which encouraged me to move to Israel in the first place), married, raised two lovely ladies and finally rejected the theology (or most of it) which convinced me to make such drastic changes in my life. Who am I?  Hopefully a bit wiser, a bit more merciful (even though my friends still joke with me that I'm a RUDE Jew from New York), a bit more balanced in my world view, more open to other ideas and the plight of others, and NOT at all scared of what others may think of me or my opinions.

Why are you involved in this blog?
I received this request to write a short paragraph about my hope in this area of the world - Israel/Palestine - in which hope is something sold regularly and delivered rarely.
This week was a difficult one.  My daughter received an order to come and be interviewed for the army.  Since she was born, I was working towards peace in hopes that when she came of age we would no longer need a draft system.  Among other motivations, this was important enough to move me from my comfort zone and make me an advocate for peace - in all places and with all peoples.
You could say I failed.  I didn't reach my goal with the resources I had in the time I allotted myself.  My  Project Manager would have given me a big fat zero.
So, I sat last night and had the obligatory discussion with my daughter:  What do you want out of this  interview? What would be your best outcome?
I'm going to go in there and tell them that I'm a Pacifist.  I believe in G-d and I don't want to hurt anyone.  I  don't know how they'll react, but that's the truth.
 There's my Hope.  She's a lovely woman/girl who loves music and shopping and traveling and she's a  Pacifist!  She's my Hope!