Description: I am a Palestinian. The way i see it, we have a special relationship with the English letter B. We love to use it and sometimes we find it easier to pronounce than other sounds close to it.  In some words, B is one of those letters that looses  its sound, and becomes a silent letter. All i can say is that I can relate to that. And in other words, be is visible and soundable. 

Why are you involved in this blog?
I grew up in a Christian home and that has given me many privileges. I was privileged to graduate from one of the top schools here. I was privileged to a loving family and a great community. As i grew up i realized that we live in a conflict zone, and i am part of a people group that has been suffering for many years. My church did not address these grievances and nor did it address how to deal with it. The message taught was to accept the hardship and pray for Christ to come again. My church did teach me that Jesus Christ wants me to love myself, God and my enemies. And this message challenges me to seek peace in my current life for myself (Am i doing the right thing?)), God (How do i love God despite my own fellow Christians who don't seem to reflect Him sometimes?)   and my enemies (how do i overcome the bitterness and anger?). I want to have a space to share my personal experiences and thoughts about living here. I love my people, and the Israeli people. and i see a future for both of us.