Our Tips to Survive an Intifada

Our Tips to Survive an Intifada

The dramatic surge in violence in Israel and Palestine cannot be called an intifada since we have yet to see if the violence and counter-violence persist, or if violent actions are condoned and embraced by national leadership. At the same time, incitement from our leaders, tension regarding Haram al-Sharif/the Temple Mount, increased restrictions and spreading unrest seem to indicate that we are slipping into this abyss once again. If this is where we are headed, here are a few tips to help prepare you for this eventuality. Stay safe, come what may.  

How to survive the News?

  • Stay alert to the news throughout the day, and make sure you know where your family members are. (Bee)
  • Don't watch/listen to the news all day, just enough so you will know what your family members are talking about when they call  to check on you later. (Goody Two Shoes)
  • Don't believe the hype -- everybody lies sometimes. (Alice)

How to survive in Public Places?

  • Avoid going to public places. (Bee)
  • Have your mobile phone with you at all times to check:
    • if roads are clear

    • if riots and demonstrations are subsiding

    • the whereabouts of family and friends

    • if you might be delayed getting somewhere

    • which areas are 'hot' so DO NOT GO (Goody Two Shoes)

  • Talk to everybody you meet about the situation (can't avoid it), but under no circumstances reveal what you really think. (Goody Two Shoes)

How to survive Violence on the Palestinian Side?

  • Do not run towards crowded demonstrators or police confrontations. (Bee)
  • Keep a raw onion and scarf in your bag in case you get caught up in tear gas. (Goody Two Shoes)
  • Get a good set of earplugs to sleep through house demolitions, droning helicopters, shootings, car chases, chanting and the like (husband’s snoring is a bonus). (Goody Two Shoes) 

How to survive Violence on the Israeli side?

  • Don’t forget your bag in a public place or a bomb squad will take care of it for you. (I.)
  • When getting on a public bus, try and find a seat on the left side of the bus (closer to the road). In the event that your bus is pelted with stones, you will be a little farther from impact. (I.)
  • Realize that places that don’t normally do security checks will be checking EVERYONE. Leave extra time if you want to spare yourself the headache of being late constantly. (For Palestinians, this is even more of a hassle, with longer and more intrusive checks.) (Y.)

How to survive with your Family and Friends:

  • Develop a group of friends in all areas that you can call to check the terrain (safe or not). Try not to obsess about their safety. (Goody Two Shoes)
  • Call your friends on the ground. Encourage them. Pray for them. (Alice)
  • Participate in a rally or peace demonstration as a nice outlet for the frustration everyone is feeling. (Y.)

How to be smart and stay Safe while out and about?

  • Fear is the worst enemy. Keeping on with daily life is essential. (Q.)
  • When walking in East Jerusalem, answer your phone in English or Arabic, not Hebrew. When walking in West Jerusalem, answer your phone in English or Hebrew, not Arabic. (I.)
  • When it's time to go, just be ready. Make sure everyone you know knows you love them. (Alice)

How to survive Food/Basic needs?

  • In the event you will lose electricity (if you’re Palestinian), make sure to stock up on board games and candles for those long days you’re stuck at home. (Tootsie Pop)
  • Stock up on flour, oil, sugar and rice in case you are not able to get out due to ongoing clashes, curfew or a war (on the Palestinian side). (Abbsi)

Final Recommendations:

  • The only safe place is being in the will of God. I survived 10 terrorist attacks (car bombs, suicide bombers, gunfire) that happened within 300 meters of where I lived and worked. (Q.)
  • Pray for your "enemies." Always and in all ways. (Alice)
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