20 Signs Reason Has Gone Out the Window

20 Signs Reason Has Gone Out the Window


  1. When there is a checkpoint to one entrance of a neighborhood and other entrances are left unpatrolled.

  2. When all entrances to a village are shut, and soldiers arbitrarily open one, but they will never tell you when that will be.

  3. When you are satisfied with an illusion of security rather than the real thing.

  4. When teenagers are willing to give up their life and take someone else’s.

  5. When the only way to stop a teenager is to kill him or her.

  6. When few are interested to ask about the core issues that got us here.

  7. When carrying weapons is the only way to protect oneself.

  8. When innocent people are murdered because they look like an ‘enemy.’

  9. When you accuse ‘the other’ of raising children to be terrorists while you raise yours to be freedom fighters.

  10. When you think you can protect your holy place by stabbing someone.

  11. When you think the only way to solve the conflict is by building more barriers to separate you from ‘the other.’

  12. When the collective is punished because of the acts of a few.

  13. When what you wear determines whether you live or die.

  14. When you blame God instead of blaming people.

  15. When you believe propaganda and begin to live by it.

  16. When your neighbours suspect you just because you are Palestinian.

  17. When people use unholy means to protect your holy ground.

  18. When violence results in more violence, and you are convinced it is the only way to respond. 

  19. When you believe peace is unattainable.

  20. When you know that all conflicts come to an end, but you begin to doubt that yours will.

Have you ever lost reason in any of these ways? Sometimes, reason says that things won’t get better anytime soon, but we don’t want to live like that, and we choose to believe differently. God is at work (albeit in mysterious ways).  At times like these, our relationships in Another Voice are a reminder that there is a way forward, even when it seems difficult. We know God seeks for His future to break into our present, and we want to be part of it.

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