Snow Falls on the (un)Holy City

Snow Falls on the (un)Holy City

The following is a simple poetic account reflecting my thoughts on the snow that fell in Jerusalem recently. Jerusalem is a city that is beautiful, on the one hand, and yet a dirty reality becomes apparent underneath that beauty. This poem is to illustrate both the beauty and the ugliness that is the reality of this city.

snow falls on Jerusalem, pure and white,
like a soothing blanket that quiets her inhabitants.

It is so quiet.
snow seems to be the one thing that brings peace
and quiet to this Holy City.

Even her holidays bring happiness
only for segments of the population,
each divided by their religion, sect or nationality.

But we all marvel together
at snow falling on her-
each flake a celebration of diversity,
no two alike

The snow seems to purify her of her many evils,
even for just a moment.

But it so quickly becomes a dirty slush.
It seems her pollution,
her dirt,
cannot be hidden for long.

It is but a quick respite and then gone-
like a mirage-
soothing the population and then
leaving them as empty
and cold as ever.

She longs to be purified of
her violence,
her divisions,
her insanity,
for good.

But she has been steeped in these things for so long-
for centuries,
even millennia!

Oh that she would become a place
of peace and beauty,
one that celebrates differences
and appreciates all her inhabitants.
That both her quiet and noise
would carry within them a joy
rather than pain or alienation.

This is the Jerusalem
I will continue to hope for
and will continue to work towards.
Not one that politicians claim is “united,”
while a whole segment of her population languishes
in suffering.
Not one that harbors violence and oppression
in order to keep an illusion of stability-
the “status quo.”

these things, like the snow,
begin to disintegrate
and the pollution of their deeds becomes apparent over time,
the stench of their rotten fruit

I am stirred to strive towards something different,
towards a city of dignity and peace-
a “Holy City” rather than
her unholy substitute.

May she become a true Holy City in the years to come-
blanketed in peace,
like pure white snow that’s recently fallen-
astounding the skeptics,
exciting simple and wise alike,
and defying her violent leaders.


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