5 Types of Eyebrows Every Palestinian Woman Has Seen

5 Types of Eyebrows Every Palestinian Woman Has Seen

Hair is a topic that is very important for Palestinians. It is the first sign of maturity for children as they hit puberty. Lets face it -- we are Middle Eastern, and hairy is one of the adjectives that refers to us. For boys, as they start to grow mustache hair, it is a great moment for father and son to learn how to shave. For girls, that mother and daughter moment is getting her eyebrows done!

In our culture, if a face is like a portrait of the ocean, then the eyebrows would be the skies. They are the element that can enhance or hide a woman’s eyes. For Palestinians and Arabs, eyes are the symbol of a woman’s beauty.

Have you ever been approached by a Palestinian woman, and the first thing she offered is to ‘fix’ your eyebrows? I hope you were not offended. I would take it as a compliment. That means whoever told you that loves you and wants to highlight your beauty. Did you wonder what that was about? Well, we take eyebrows very seriously here. (And hands, legs and mustache but they will have to wait for another post).

Let me first say that eyebrow plucking is the work of an artist, and it is not measured only by personal taste. There is actually a sophisticated technique to it. Here is a diagram that highlights how eyebrows should be done.

On average, a Palestinian woman needs to spend at least 3-6 hours a week for hair maintenance, including eyebrow maintenance as part of that. There are many techniques to do it such as tweezing, threading, using removal cream, waxing with strips, or homemade sugar wax. More and more women go to beauty parlors and get them done for prices that range between 15-40 shekels depending on where you live.

So here is my list of Palestinian eyebrows you see in our streets. I have taken the liberty to name them myself (you are welcome!). All of the pictures used are taken from the internet, and some are of famous Arabs (not exclusively Palestinians).

1. Always-angry Eyebrows

Most eyebrows have a wide angle to them naturally, but some ladies prefer to make that angle very obvious, which looks like the number 8 in Arabic. This makes the person seem angry all the time. Imagine these eyebrows on a teacher -- then all the children would do their homework!

2. Double-dark Eyebrows

This is a growing trend where you color over your eyebrows to make them stand out more! The general population is naturally blessed with thick and dark eyebrows, why would you highlight that even more?

Some also have fake or tattooed eyebrows. That is becoming a very big trend with youth. It got big initially when older women, who were losing hair, didn't have anymore eyebrow hair so they just tattooed them, and now it's become a trend among young women as well!!!

3.I-messed-them-up-too-much-and-now-they-look-like-this Eyebrows

Do i need to say more? Some women would have a thin line pretending to be an eyebrow because they played with it too much, and this is what is left.

4. “Perfect” Eyebrows

These are the ones that really bring out the eyes. They have a soft arch to them and they aren’t too thin or too thick. It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Most Palestinians would consider this to be the perfect eyebrow choice. That said, perfect is also what a woman is comfortable with, and what makes her feel confident, whether her eyebrows look like this or not.

5. Mcdonalds eyebrows

i think the terms used for that in English is unibrow. This is probably how many of us looked at 13 or something...






Regardless of the choice made, usually it will last for about 2-3 days, then hair starts to grow and one would need to do some maintenance until they go to the parlour again. We need to work hard to keep the skies clear!


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