7 Facts about Palestinian Mothers and Cleaning

7 Facts about Palestinian Mothers and Cleaning

1. They clean the house before the cleaner even comes.

2. Cleaning is a high priority. The average Palestinian mother’s to-do list goes something like this:

  1. Personal maintenance: (i.e., Hairdo, eyebrows, all hair related needs in general)

  2. Clean

  3. Watch TV shows: Turkish, Syrian, Egyptian or other soap operas

  4. Cook food better than my mother-in-law

  5. Care for Children

  6. care for Husband

3. Cleaning is not cleaning if water is not thrown on the floor with buckets or sprayed liberally with a hose.


4. Cleaning includes inside the refrigerator, freezer, oven, closets, drawers, windows, etc.


5. The children and husband are sent away during cleaning day. “If you are not helping, then get out.”


6. Palestinian mothers place plastic covers on the furniture if it is either or recently cleaned.

Have you ever been to a house where they had a Holy Saloon wrapped in plastic? Or, have you been in a car that was new (like two years ago) but still has plastic on it?

7. Cleaning day is usually once a week, usually on a weekend.

Then there is the cleaning extravaganza before holidays or celebratory family events like weddings, engagements, birthdays, family visits from abroad, season changes, the first lost-tooth of a child (if you don’t know what that is -- know you are in for quite a feast) and more!

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