23 Reasons Why Goody Two Shoes Stays in Jerusalem

23 Reasons Why Goody Two Shoes Stays in Jerusalem

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Many people ask me why I stay in Jerusalem, after all I am not from here, nor do I look or sound like I am from here.

Some are nosey, some intrigued, some ridiculing, some are puzzled and some are calling me out to explain.

Sometimes I need to explain to myself, especially in the moments of "what on earth am I doing here? Nobody in their right mind would put themselves (or their children) through this".

I am writing this as much to myself as to you.

Contrary to popular opinion my husband has not acquired citizenship in my home country, refuses to live the mandatory 3 years there to get a passport citing the food and weather are not to his taste but the real reason is he belongs here and against all odds he is staying. But what about me? 

It is cheer up Goody Two Shoes time!

1. The weather is great (no damp so my arthritis does not play up).

2. The food is healthy.

3. Family is central, important and tight knit.

4. The people are wonderful and interesting (most).

5. The system wants me to leave so I gain personal satisfaction in defying it.

6. Struggles make you stronger, I have purpose in being here.

7. Living here makes me really appreciate leaving the country for a holiday, I clap my hands when the aeroplane takes off!

8. After getting through the grizzly teenage years (nearly done) my children have a deep maturity from being raised here.

9. The beach is less than an hour's drive away (no checkpoints or walls to stop me).

10. This region needs more stable people in it like me.

11. My husband will not leave so its better to be here with him than on paradise island without him.

12. Trains and buses have air conditioning and wifi.

13. It makes me courageous and toughens me up.

14. I gain personal growth and wisdom everyday.

15. I got used to it.

16. There are many worse places to be.

17. Stress keeps me alert...till it gets too much then I become mean and eat chocolate.

18. Life is deep and has meaning.

19. I can make a difference.

20. History is on my doorstep.

21. I believe God wants me here (deep conviction).

22. Whenever I want I can play the tourist.

23. I can not think where else I should be...it feels right and I know it is.

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