Things Are Not Always as They Seem

Things Are Not Always as They Seem

It was raining quite hard outside. My husband was stretching out on the couch. I had just put my slippers on looking forward to a cosy bosy night in at home. It was 7.30pm.

I knew this much for sure, as I ran to the clock to note the time, which I told the policeman when he came to take our statement later.

The sound was an odd sort of crashing and banging combined. I said, 'that's an odd noise, what on earth is it?'

It came again and again before my husband and I reached the window. The back window of our car and another were smashed. The third car had been torched and flames of bright orange could be seen engulfing it.

The police were called, sticky tape found, shoes and coats donned, and one of my children dispatched to quickly tell a neighbour to move his car before it caught fire.

After the fire brigade left, photographs had been taken, and car windows were taped, the policeman called to take a statement of the person who made the emergency call.

Unfortunately, our neighbourhood experiences these revenge acts on occasion, usually taken out on parked vehicles. The man fleeing the scene looked like a young Arab man. We presumed many things but did not know for sure.

Our family felt a little insecure. An Israeli policeman was about to come and take a statement from my Palestinian background husband as he had made the emergency phone call. Our Christmas tree was standing, flashing and glittering in the corner of the living room, announcing our minority group status.

As the knock was heard, I muttered to myself, 'here we go.'  The door was opened to a surprised policeman who immediately said 'Merry Christmas'

The policeman reluctantly refused a Christmas biscuit/chocolate and glass of mulled wine. He was captivated by our tree, explaining he missed Christmas after a spell in the USA. He wished there was more Christmas in Israel. His respectful manner disarmed us.

After he left, I marvelled at how things had been turned around-our supposed enemy had been our friend and our supposed friend our enemy.

I did a bit of soul searching. How easy it is to lump everybody together...the goodies and the baddies, being on this side or that, excusing some and blaming others.

The power balance remains the same. Our difficult and unjust situation remains the same. People die everyday and it is not fair but I was challenged to rethink my thought patterns.

Saying: Do not throw the baby out with the bathwater. In my case be careful how you judge...things are not always as they seem.


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