What to expect when you’re expecting...to visit Israel/Palestine.

What to expect when you’re expecting...to visit Israel/Palestine.

Recently one of you asked us what you might experience upon your visit here along with how you can prepare for your visit.  We asked our bloggers to address what you might expect, and here are their answers!

  1. Expect to be bitten by mosquitoes.

  2. Expect to drink large amounts of water everyday.

  3. Expect to drink very very sweet tea while shopping.

  4. Expect to spend a lot more money than you budgeted.

  5. Expect to wear a hat and sunscreen.

  6. Expect to eat lots of fruit and vegetables.

  7. Expect lots of cats on the streets and near the trash bins.

  8. Expect to hear many contradictory opinions.

  9. Expect to see things differently than you imagined.

  10. Expect to see at least two churches/sanctuaries for the same biblical event.

  11. Expect to be surprised at how geographically close everything is to one another.

  12. Expect to get confused about who is a Palestinian and who is an Israeli - we look alike!

  13. Expect to think outside the box.

  14. Expect to put on weight from the great hospitality.

  15. Expect to have fun and learn new things at the same time.

In another post, we’ll address a few of your other questions about how to prepare for your visit (perhaps by reading some of our favorite books and seeing some of our favorite movies about the conflict).  

After you visit, let us know about it!  We look forward to hearing from you

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