13 Movies We Love About Israelis And Palestinians

13 Movies We Love About Israelis And Palestinians

In our last Ask Us post, a reader requested what to expect upon a visit here, and how to prepare for the stay.  We decided to answer this in a series of lighter posts, which we started here.  In this post, our team shares a few of our favorite movies and why we like them.  Some of them might be insightful and informative for you before or after your visit.

The Lost Cities of Palestine - Some people say there was never a Palestinian people. This may change your mind.

5 Broken Cameras - An enlightening documentary sharing some serious eye-opening truths about journalism and its suppression.

Budrus - A beautiful film about nonviolent Palestinian resistance and  solidarity expressions by Israeli activists, with a positive message and example to our societies.

Ave Maria- A funny, light-hearted romp through the Judean desert, breaking man-made rules of religiosity as we go. 

With God on Our Side - An eye opening look at Christian Zionism, especially in the USA.

Junction 48 - A story of a Palestinian in Israel who dreams to become the first Palestinian rapper.

Omar - A love story amidst the occupation and working within a system of collaboration and manipulation.

Syrian Bride - The story reflects the situation of the villagers of Majdal Shams. A wedding celebration becomes a microcosm of political hardship and family disputes.

Amreeka -  A recollection of a Palestinian family’s experience of immigrating to the US.

Promises - A documentary that follows the lives of Palestinian and Israeli kids, and what happens to them when they grow up in conflict.

The Gatekeepers - An Israeli perspective on the Shin Bet security unit.

Bethlehem - Although (for me) one-sided, it is based on a true story and quite a good portrayal of the life of a collaborator.

Speed Sisters - The story of the only female Palestinian car racers’ team who share about their personal lives as women breaking through their societal roles to become race car racers.

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