Goody Two Shoes Searches for Gold

Goody Two Shoes Searches for Gold

As it happens, I had to buy some gold, not just any gold, engagement gold (but this is another story for another day). Imagine me trying to do something I didn't have a clue about. So I asked my good friend for advice. She offered to come with me, help to bargain, play the 'local' card and, after all, it is fun spending somebody else's money.  This is how it went:

40°C (approximately 104°F) - Check with friend if it is too hot to shop? Never, she says;

Decide engagement gold budget with husband at home;

Hide $ at the bottom of my bag;

Drive from Jerusalem to Bethlehem (checkpoint, potholes, crazy traffic), dropping husband at a meeting on the way;

Off-road parking (!) at friend’s husband’s work; meet worker called Angel who really was, as she let me use the 'facilities;' Begin to sweat;

Meet friend, drop her 3 year old at a playdate and proceed to school at the edge of the town to pick up school grades with the other two children; It's so hot, we can’t stop sweating;

Quick tour of school and lost property section; get caretaker to retrieve boomerang from a high place to please friend’s son who had thrown it there previously;

Ooohed and aaahed over very impressive report/grades, praising children;

Go to gold shop 1...Look at things, chop and change, bargain and smile; leave shop without buying; more sweating;

Go to gold shop 2 ...Look at things, chop and change, bargain and smile; leave shop without buying; even more sweating.

Have a quick drink in nearby shop and children get cake to celebrate good grades;

Suddenly urgent call from friend’s husband - we must go quickly to the hospital with one of the children who needs to see an ENT doctor.; he is leaving in 20 minutes;

Jump into the car and drive like crazy to hospital and search for parking that does not exist;

Find non-existent parking, lock up car whilst friend rushes in to try and catch the doctor before he leaves; sweating;

Search for friend, ask at reception where the “outpatients” section is and end up making appointment for me and my eldest child for ENT doctor....yikes; friend’s child in my care collapses laughing at me;

Find friend and end up visiting with people I meet on the way that I know (!);

The ENT doctor welcomes me and I enter the doctor’s room with my friend and her children; I explain I am just visiting...him actually (!); I am quite a pro at these hospital/doctor visits - lost count how many I did with my children over the years; leave hospital after more visiting with people, sitting in the waiting room, and drive to town;

This time find miracle parking; thankful and sweating;

Go to gold shop 3...No suitable items, so no bargaining, but still smiling; sweating of course;

Stop at craft shop to buy children with excellent grades a reward; they buy it with their own money that their mother gave them for good grades, so basically she bought the rewards, but never mind, let them think they bought it with their own money, which, in fact, is what they did, so everybody is happy;

I spot a bargain for upcoming event and buy 50 meters of wrapping paper and ribbon; stagger back to car, causing more sweating;

Exit miracle parking spot by stopping traffic and standing in the middle of the road (crazy foreigner); we continue in wild traffic; lots of sweating;

Go to gold shop 4...No suitable items, so no bargaining, but still smiling;

Buy shawarma for children as they are hungry;

Return to gold shop 2 and purchase items; sweating due to heat and payment;

Pick up 3 year old from playdate and visit friend’s parents; wild strawberries and some wonderful juice; polite visiting; sweating;

Go to friend’s house to collect swim clothes for children's swim lesson; sweating; fatigue;

Drive to restaurant to meet husband; eat; sweat some more;

Wave friend and her children off to swim lessons;

Return home (crazy traffic, potholes and checkpoint);

Clean house in air conditioning - so grateful for it; love the gold gift I bought; cannot thank friend and her lovely children enough for the non-stop action packed time we had.

Conclusion: Don't sweat the small stuff. Save it.

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