Alice Maligned

Alice Maligned

Being a Messianic Jew in Israel and having a belief in righteousness and equality has brought difficulty into my life.  Don’t misunderstand me - I’m not complaining; I’m just explaining.

Let me give you an example:

After inviting people I know to join a recent event,  those people forwarded the invitation to others, which released a tirade into the twitter-verse.  Whatsapp came alive and waves of mistrust and accusation roared, presumably from people who had lots of time.  Old wounds were revealed and perceived offenses raised their ugly head, marauders racing to protect those innocents from similar hurts.  

“Don’t get involved with them,” “They only take the Palestinian side,” “Anti-Israel bias,” all fluttered and fumed in this Whatsapp group.

I was not a member of this group, but was asked the next day, “What have you done to bring such a rant against you?” 

“I invited people to join an event.” 

“Oh,” was the response, “I figured it was something minor.” 

Good thing this friend knew me, called me, asked me – and, by the way, had already defended me in the group rage.

But several questions arise in my mind from this experience:

  1. Why are people sitting years and years with an upset stomach, and only when touched do they decide to throw up on the innocent passer-by?
  2. Why would tiraders rant and rage when the person they are accusing is not part of the conversation – how do we engage in conversation to right wrongs (or perceived wrongs) when you speak to yourself and not with the supposed perpetrator?
  3. Where -EXACTLY- do these defenders of the Bible (who read the Bible as saying the land belongs to the Jews) see the directive to malign and falsely accuse in the scriptures?
  4. Where is love?

I know that I too have wronged others.  I have spoken behind backs and I have thought I’d be better off with that person out of office or that person not in charge.  I confess, right here and right now.

And I pledge to seek out someone with whom I have an issue.  To give them the power to answer their accuser.  To stand in the light with full facts in order to charge someone, instead of posting anonymous unanswerable vague character assassinations.

But mostly, and firstly, I pledge to LOVE.  And love covers a multitude of sins.  With enough love, I can forgive without the need for confrontation or for slinging mud.

Malign me if you must – others holier than I have suffered much worse.



For the Lost Children

For the Lost Children