I returned to Nablus 6 weeks later to help at a Summer camp for children aged 8-14 yrs.
It was hot. Very hot.
It was hard for this older person.
The children were fantastic.
The company was superb.
My heart was humbled.
My brain tried to take it all in.

The camp was for Christian and Muslim children, equal numbers. The leaders were from both backgrounds. The aim was for everybody to mix together and learn God created and loves all of us the same.

To be honest apart from some obvious names I couldn't tell who was which or what, the children played, argued, ate ice cream and behaved more or less the same. With the leaders it was easier to spot the differences.

My job was helping on the crafts station, a bit messy at times but generally good fun, mainly because the local leader of our station was laid back, talented with a lovely smile.

I had to learn to chill, if things didn't run smoothly it didn't really matter, the aim of the camp wasn't to produce efficient art pieces but to bond and hang together as people.

As the week progressed the children became more and more endearing, the fellow leaders became friends, the smells and flies stopped bothering me and I started to open my eyes to the two mountains with Nablus city built between and upon both. The city has a charm and vibrance I missed first time round. The people mirrored the same.

Venturing out to the night life was thrilling. Masses and crowds of people out for some cooler evening air. Crazy driving like never before the type that revamps your prayer life instantly. Delicious knafeh in the old city streets.

But through all of this I couldn't help thinking that God was at work in Nablus, he loves the people, he didn't need me but allowed me to see something special, he has not forgotten these wonderful people at all and cares for them, smiling on their brave steps to be together in a camp for a week. If your name was Mohamed or Michael it was of no consequence, a camp where all were the same, loved and treated equally.

Statement: Thank you for letting me return in a way to help and see.

# Goody Two Shoes Can't Sleep 

Alice Plays Tour Guide

Alice Plays Tour Guide