All in Children

An East Jerusalem Birthday

It was a cold, crisp November day in Jerusalem and the kids and I had been invited to a birthday party in a neighborhood in East Jerusalem that I have been working in. The family’s son specifically asked that my kids come. This neighborhood, in particular, has become very special to me and I have fallen in love with many of its residents. They are incredibly generous despite their own challenges and have welcomed me warmly into their community. One day, I even walked out of a home to find a crew of young men fixing all the dents in my car and the places where my bumper was not screwed in correctly after an accident, work that would have cost hundreds of shekels in a garage! Yet they refused payment.

Chasing After “Boo Boos”

My son has a new playground pastime-chasing kids down to kiss their “boo-boos.”

In my attempts to teach my son to be compassionate, I have now created a monster! One part of me is proud of it while another part is utterly embarrassed about the behavior.

10 Questions Every Palestinian Parent Asks

In Palestine, people are eager to have their children get married. This is how it starts. When your son or daughter turn 25 they are considered ‘too old’ to find a spouse, and parents start the ‘Mr. or Mrs. Right’ search for them. The parents are worried they may fail in their task; in order to ensure success, they ask the neighborhood and the surrounding community to keep their eyes open.

Hope… Restored

For the past few months, I have thought a lot about becoming a mother. Don’t get too excited – I am not pregnant or anything. However; I have had a few moments recently where I thought “Do I even want to bear a child and bring her/him into this awfully unjust world that we are living in today?”

Reflections from War Encounters, #2

 He is a paramedic.  Both of his legs have fractures.  His mother tries to lift the blankets to show us; Hussein protests.  The family is happy to have us with them.  As the flutist plays, they smile and sing along.  They are happy, jolly even.  They want songs from the Titanic and Aladdin.  They film us and the music, capturing these moments for their own memory. 

Reflection on the Recent Attacks

The Palestinians are terrified of settlers and continue to express their anger over the first incident. Why didn’t it receive the sort of coverage that the incident killing a Jewish baby did or get labeled a terror incident?