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Car Trouble and Patriarchy in Palestine

“It is your fault! I have the right of way and you didn’t stop!” says Abu Hisham, the Palestinian driver, who just sideswiped my car, sliding his side doors into my blinker.

“I was already in the middle of the road! Where should I go?” I respond angrily. 

Reflections at a Palestinian Funeral

In Palestinian culture, when someone dies, the customs surrounding mourning and condolences are separated by gender.  The day of the funeral, the coffin is first brought to the women, and afterwards it is taken to the cemetery by the men where they say goodbye. It is a long day where family and friends join in and communally mourn together. The hours spent sitting and mourning include many moments of silence, contemplation, grief and some outbreaks of humor.

A mother’s cry

Now that the war is over, my son decided to come and visit. He came for many different reasons, one being that his sister-in-law is getting married, and the other that he was hoping to baptize his daughter. Well, how can this happen? Where can he visit? Is it Gaza or the West Bank? 

Reflections from War Encounters, #1

Reflections with injured Gazans treated in Jerusalem during summer 2014.

We call them casualties.  We call them collateral damage.  We call them unintended consequences.  They call themselves something different.  If you’d like, we can introduce you to some of them.