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5 Things Palestinians Look Forward to on Christmas

As this is my son’s first Christmas, it’s obviously very exciting for us! Thinking of how my son will grow up near the town where Christmas began makes me think of all the wonderful things about Christmas in Palestine. I know there are many more things than I can list in this post, but here are a few that come to mind during this Christmas season.

6 Politically Conscious Palestinian Christmas Gifts

During the Christmas season, we are often busy with family and friends as we prepare for the holiday. While it’s an important time where we recall and celebrate the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ, we should also remember that the same city Jesus was born into and the Christian descendents of some of his earliest followers are today under political occupation. As you shop this holiday season, consider supporting these nonviolent and creative Palestinian Christian efforts to raise awareness and support themselves this holiday season.

Choose the Light

In this dark season our hearts turn to the ever rising sun where, day upon day, it rises from the embrace of the night. So it is with our souls-mornings do come, whether misted, fogged or bright. In this season of long nights, the star from the East once rose, lit the night sky, sent Magi on their long journey, seeking and finding the promised One who came to illuminate the darkness with his presence, the promise of deliverance. He has come and his light shattered the power of darkness forever. In this place where it all began, we carry this ever bright reality in the midst of a fallen world and an increasingly perverse generation.

To the Suffering: A Holiday Message of Love

As I write this Christmas post, my heart is heavy as I’m reminded of the millions of Iraqi/Syrian refugees that will be spending this season away from their homes and families. I’m also reminded of the Palestinian mothers who will be spending this season missing their sons/daughters who have been killed in the latest round of violence in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

What About the Mothers-in-Law in the Christmas Story? Part 2

Alice: Today, as I was preparing my weekly kneidlach, my wonderful, gorgeous, handsome and talented son burst through the doors with the most amazing news! My boy, oh, he could have been so much more than a carpenter-lawyer, doctor, tax collector-he's a wonderful son!  Ah, but then he settled for Miriam and a small, provincial life in this one-camel town.  Ah well....maybe the Grandson will amount to something.

What About the Mothers-in-Law in the Christmas Story? Part 1

Goody Two Shoes:  You are not going to believe this, but last night Joseph came home and told us Mary, his fiancé, is pregnant!!! I was so shocked but I should have saved it because what came next topped the whole sorry tale...She (I can hardly utter her name-Mary)...she said God was responsible for getting her pregnant!!! How blasphemous!!! AS IF...Now I have heard some stories in the past about miracles and such, but this is ridiculous!

A Celebration of Light

Last Christmas Eve, I watched my son’s face, awash with delight as he ran up to a Christmas tree, the lights dancing and flashing around him, as voices joined in unison echoing off the walls and the dramatic ceiling, celebrating the birth of the Savior.

Can Mary Get to Bethlehem? PART 4 OF 4

I: If I were Mary, I guess I don’t have that far to go to get to Bethlehem. It’s just a ten minute drive from my Jerusalem home to manger square, or a one and a half hour walk.  Or, at least it should be, or it would be, if not for the looming wall protruding from the ground to tower over our heads.  I suppose I’m giving birth over a decade too late; Israelis were allowed to visit Bethlehem before that time.