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A Palestinian Christian visits an Evangelical Festival Abroad - Part 1

The other day, a friend told me about an Evangelical festival [1] taking place in one of the major cities I was visiting. It was sponsored by more than 150 Evangelical churches in that city. She encouraged me to visit but also warned me that it might be more supportive of the Jewish people than Arabs, and more specifically Palestinians. I was intrigued and off I went. 

In this Place

In this place they call “a church,”
We search for vision, grasping at shadows
Instead finding everyone walking behind masks
Hiding from the transparent intensity of the light

Gender Normalization: I Reject the Gender Status Quo (Part 2 of 2)

In my last blog post, I reflected on gender normalization, accepting the status quo without addressing its underlying inequality and injustices.  I reflected on women’s roles in society where we are expected to accept certain aspects of our culture because they are part of our tradition, or our past.  I also discussed family inheritance and its inherent discrimination against daughters.  In this post I wish to reflect on women in politics and religion, particularly Christianity as that is the context I know and live in.

Messianic Jewish Feminism: Reading Paul (Part 1)

There are many ways of reading Paul. The way he’s often quoted at women, you’d think he’s a chauvinist waiting with a stick to beat us over the head. Submit to your husband. Be silent. You can’t teach. Ask your husband at home. There are many frustrating prescriptions that are outdated and inapplicable (unless you want to be miserable while pretending it’s what God intended and you’re happy with your lot).

Division – Is it anathema?

Lately, I’ve been asked – why do you write controversial posts; why do you sign, or worse, even write statements? After all, you know your voice is coming from the margins of your community. You know your views won’t be accepted; they’ll be misunderstood, opposed, attacked. And, worst of all, you will be causing division. 

Two Faced God? (Part 2)

When I read this passage, I see a God who is ready to fight oppression so that the whole world will be blessed, very different than the view of God that many people are given, as mentioned in part 1. In a region where some blood seems to be deemed more precious than others, it is no small thing that the blood of the oppressed is not forgotten by God Himself.