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6 Women and Moses

Having just come through the Passover season, this year I’ve been thinking much about Moses and the women in his life. The story of the exodus from Egypt has six strong women, unsung heroes, without whom the story could never have happened. These women were all courageous. Some of them actively disobeyed the laws of the time, stood against the status quo, acted bravely, and were instruments of God’s will during a time of slavery and oppression. Two of these six women were not even Jews.

Hosting the Last Supper (Part 3)

As we enter both Easter and Passover, we asked our bloggers to give their thoughts on what it would have been like to host the Last Supper. Most people know the story but never consider who the hosts were or what it must have been like to be asked to host the momentous occasion. Here is part 3 as our bloggers present their unique perspectives on this idea: