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Submission: An Assault on Identity

Time and again I think myself above it, too strong, and then stumble and fall at the feet of patriarchy, told once again that to be strong is not appropriate. From all sides, I hear that I should be “submissive” - that to have dreams and ambitions, to fight for what I am passionate about, is not appropriate for me, a woman. I have too many goals; I am too independent, too much of a risk-taker. These are not the qualities of the ideal woman. I am not “domestic” enough; my ideas and opinions are too strong and don’t fit in the community I find myself in. 

A Generation Without Vision

Pain and heat seared my eyes, while the kids screamed at my feet. I rushed to the hospital, both for myself and for my son who had also been hit in the eyes. It was a freak cooking accident. As the pain subsided, feelings of guilt and discouragement washed over me. I also wondered, Why both of our eyes? However, the doctor’s words are what will be seared into my mind more permanently than the scars we endured:

An Israeli Dream of 1000 Cats

It’s a new year. 2014 was awful. 2015 was just as heavy, perhaps not in numbers, but in proximity as the violence crept closer to me and mine. As we come to 2016, I wonder what awaits us now. I close my eyes and think what could be if our leaders abandon their current destructive trajectory, if my people would join their voices to demand that our government bring an unexpected but much-needed peace, if Messianic Jews would take a prominent role in seeking and pursuing peace in the Holy Land.

8 Reflections on a Year of Blogging

A month ago, we passed a significant milestone after blogging together for 1 year, a milestone that passed in the midst of renewed violence in Palestine and Israel. In this year, we have shared laughter, tears and frustration and have grown in the process of sharing our hearts with each other and with you, our readers. Our bloggers each decided to share what this past year has meant to them:  

Jerusalem: A Hope in Hell


Startled, I jolted out of my sleep, sitting up as our walls and windows shuddered at the residual impact of a bomb. It was early, still dark. What could be happening? After an hour of scrolling through Facebook and news sites, I found an article reporting a terrorist’s house demolition.

Repentance, Renewal and Rosh HaShana

The summer always comes to an end before I realize it. We get ready for a new school year, and then the holidays come in a rush one after the next, starting with Rosh HaShana, the Jewish New Year. It, among other things, commemorates the traditional date of humanity’s creation. It is a time for increased introspection and self-examination as observant Jews gather before Rosh HaShana to recite prayers of penitence.Yet the Jewish New Year does not mark immediate physical or spiritual renewal. Instead, it is but the first day of a ten-day period, the Days of Awe, a time for collective and individual reflection, summoning us to national and personal change in direction, culminating in Yom Kippur -- The Day of Atonement.

Deserts and Dreams

Whether plants or people, there are times and seasons in every life. Each one has its beauty and its blessing, its pain and sometimes sorrow. Summer in Israel/Palestine, with its unending, relentless heat, dryness and desert winds, seems an overly long season this year. Perhaps it’s the tedious stream of almost daily, or at least weekly, “incidents” that plague our region, or the flow of ludicrous statements from our politicians, or maybe it’s the way the world looks on and loudly trumpets its opinions about everything that happens here.

Sow with the Intent to Reap

When I was a teenager I wished for world peace, but now I yearn for a world in which competing ideologies are kept in balance, systems of accountability keep us all from getting away with too much, and fewer people believe that righteous ends justify violent means.” -The Righteous Mind