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An East Jerusalem Birthday

It was a cold, crisp November day in Jerusalem and the kids and I had been invited to a birthday party in a neighborhood in East Jerusalem that I have been working in. The family’s son specifically asked that my kids come. This neighborhood, in particular, has become very special to me and I have fallen in love with many of its residents. They are incredibly generous despite their own challenges and have welcomed me warmly into their community. One day, I even walked out of a home to find a crew of young men fixing all the dents in my car and the places where my bumper was not screwed in correctly after an accident, work that would have cost hundreds of shekels in a garage! Yet they refused payment.

5 Ways Palestinian Eastern Orthodox Easter is Unique

Since Easter is here, I wanted to let the Western world learn about some Easter traditions that are particular to the Eastern world and the Eastern Church. Although there are many Western traditions that the Eastern world has adopted, such as egg hunting, and decorating our homes with bunnies and baskets, there are still some Easter traditions that are unique to this side of the world.

8 Perspectives: Hope for Jerusalem

Jerusalem Day commemorates the establishment of Israeli control over the Old City after the June 1967 Six-Day War.  Israel calls this the reunification of Jerusalem, a day when Israel proclaims it will never again be divided.   It is a day of triumphalism.  Floods of young people come from West Bank settlements and pour through the streets of downtown Jerusalem singing songs of Israel’s greatness while carrying large flags, marching through the Old City and visiting the Western Wall. 

A New Jerusalem Day

I am an East Jerusalemite.

For those who are not familiar with Jerusalem’s recent history, in 1948 my family, along with thousands others who lived in West Jerusalem, fled the city to Jordan after hearing about the gruesome Deir Yasin massacre. The city was divided in the Nakba (1948 War);