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Two Faced God? (Part 1)

Perhaps many people relate to this quote, while others are offended by it. Is the God of the Bible really Two-Faced? Far too often, I have been presented by leaders with a God that is, at best schizophrenic, and at worst a supernatural tyrant. I know many people who are struggling in their faith as a result. Additionally, the varying incompatible views of God and His Word have been the cause of so much vehement division between Israeli and Palestinian brothers and sisters

The Humanist!

And then came the labeling. I was given several, and some of them were: focused on feelings in general, focused on living in occupation, focused on injustice and humanism. These are probably the best insults I could ask for! But I think the purpose was to offend me or degrade me in some way. So, I was confused the most about being labelled “humanistic”. What does that mean?