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A Palestinian Christian visits an Evangelical Festival Abroad - Part 1

The other day, a friend told me about an Evangelical festival [1] taking place in one of the major cities I was visiting. It was sponsored by more than 150 Evangelical churches in that city. She encouraged me to visit but also warned me that it might be more supportive of the Jewish people than Arabs, and more specifically Palestinians. I was intrigued and off I went. 

Chasing After “Boo Boos”

My son has a new playground pastime-chasing kids down to kiss their “boo-boos.”

In my attempts to teach my son to be compassionate, I have now created a monster! One part of me is proud of it while another part is utterly embarrassed about the behavior.

Perceptions speak louder than words

I attended a conference the other day for a Christian entity on a managerial topic. From the beginning of that meeting the leading pastor was welcoming everyone and from his choice of words i could understand that there are also people of other faiths, or people who are not necessarily evangelical. I was very impressed because the majority of events, whether intentional or not, seem to exclude others.

The Humanist!

And then came the labeling. I was given several, and some of them were: focused on feelings in general, focused on living in occupation, focused on injustice and humanism. These are probably the best insults I could ask for! But I think the purpose was to offend me or degrade me in some way. So, I was confused the most about being labelled “humanistic”. What does that mean?