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Beginners Guide: Unexplained Palestinian Cultural Norms

Do you ever wonder why Palestinians have certain cultural traditions that just don't make sense to you? Well,  the same can be said about other cultures too but it doesn't stop us from wondering. Maybe we are asking the wrong question and instead of asking why we should ask what to do. Here is a list of unexplained Palestinian cultural norms to enrich your cultural knowledge, and perhaps bring back some memories from your time spent with us. And if you do have an explanation to some of them, feel free to share with us. 

A mother’s cry

Now that the war is over, my son decided to come and visit. He came for many different reasons, one being that his sister-in-law is getting married, and the other that he was hoping to baptize his daughter. Well, how can this happen? Where can he visit? Is it Gaza or the West Bank?