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Until this becomes a reality

When we started this blog, we had just come out of a war. Wounded and traumatized by the responses of our people and community, we decided to create this blog, a window to our pursuit of peace.

Capitalizing on Fear

The other day as I arrived to my car, I noticed a flier set on the window. I didn’t pay it any attention. It was only a few hours later, after arriving to my destination that I looked a little closer. As I examined the images, I was very disturbed. The ad said:

Rampant Radical Rhetoric

I’m a person who likes to read. I read widely and appreciate many styles and genres including news, non-fiction, journalism, poetry, theology, literature, academic and scientific writing and many kinds of fiction. I tend, however, to stay away from, or only occasionally visit, the popular forms of social media like Facebook and Twitter. After all, I can’t read everything. . . 

Bottle of Water

Recently, I participated in a meeting where a group of Israelis and Palestinians discussed ways to work together. This meeting had a heavy cloud over it because we all knew that our governments are ineffective in bringing positive change to our peoples. Yet we met, trying to do what our leaders are not. We sought to find some sort of hope in a dysfunctional system. 

When the preacher doubts

During the height of violence, I was struck by a force that I had felt only a few times in the past. The first time was in university when someone had ignited my apartment’s front door with gasoline and I had so much adrenaline pumping trying to control the fire. The force stayed way longer than the actual fire. The second time I felt it was at my uncle’s house when a sniper had just fired a rubber bullet at him, and all of us at the house ducked instinctively. Then the rush of adrenaline helped us find a way to get my uncle to the hospital for treatment. That same force stayed with me longer than it took for his wounds to heal.


The following post was written before the most recent wave of violence began, tragically claiming lives on both sides, and resulting in increased police presence, arrests and clashes between Israeli security forces and Palestinian civilians. While I recognize the heightened emotions that Israelis and Palestinians both have and the desire to distance ourselves from each other, I still stand by the following words, with all sensitivity to those suffering from these tensions.

Bee Responds to The Problem with Permits


Abbsi, my dear friend, as a Palestinian who enjoys freedom of movement, it aches me that you are stripped of such a basic right. I cannot understand how it it feels to be denied this. You are right that Israelis can freely move and travel; however, they are trapped in a different kind of prison: the prison of fear.

A Memory 1 Year After Gaza

Summer 2014, One Year AgoThe siren wails as I stand in the stairwell of my apartment building, staring at the paint chipping on its walls and counting until I hear the “boom,” signaling that impact has been made somewhere and it is safe to return to our apartment. My son moves happily, oblivious to the gravity of war, his mind still on the music we had been dancing to mere seconds before.

Goody Two Shoes and Y on Elections, Fear, and Hope for Change

Israelis and Palestinians have just emerged from a dramatic election that solidly demonstrated how polarized society is and how much fear sells. Israelis are choosing to keep themselves secure even at the cost of everything else. But we did see a glimmer of hope, a sign of things to come perhaps. The Arab parties united to become the third largest block in the Israeli parliament, a powerful statement by a segment of the population that is so often ignored. Second, the very reason many were disappointed was because of the massive discontent among Israelis at the way things have been going and widespread desire for change. Not widespread enough, perhaps, but still quite prevalent.


Ubiquity of Fear

Peace is ever elusive and safety is becoming increasingly distant for growing numbers of us in Israel/Palestine. Fear is rampant and there are times when its presence is tangible. We’ve become accustomed to the unpredictable. After all, if summer in Gaza 2014 showed us anything it was that we are all vulnerable and even “terrorists” can unpredictably strike at will.