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4 Activists and 4 Questions: A Passover Challenge for Social Change

As this Passover comes, the themes of oppression, liberation and redemption are at the forefront of my mind.  One of the Hebrew names for Passover is zman heyruteinu, the season of our freedom.  As I look at the political situation around me in Israel, as I travel to and from the United States, my heart is heavy.

The Fall of Aleppo

It's supposed to be a time of newness, a time of renewed commitments, or a period of resolve to make better choices.  While it's a new year, many existing tragedies accompany us in this transition from 2016 to 2017.  Below one of our bloggers focuses on one of these tragedies, so immense in its horror that its shadow lingers over all of humanity beckoning us to respond in some way.  

6 Politically Conscious Palestinian Christmas Gifts

During the Christmas season, we are often busy with family and friends as we prepare for the holiday. While it’s an important time where we recall and celebrate the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ, we should also remember that the same city Jesus was born into and the Christian descendents of some of his earliest followers are today under political occupation. As you shop this holiday season, consider supporting these nonviolent and creative Palestinian Christian efforts to raise awareness and support themselves this holiday season.

Bee Responds to The Problem with Permits


Abbsi, my dear friend, as a Palestinian who enjoys freedom of movement, it aches me that you are stripped of such a basic right. I cannot understand how it it feels to be denied this. You are right that Israelis can freely move and travel; however, they are trapped in a different kind of prison: the prison of fear.

How Fit Can Palestinians Get?

Working out and being healthy have become very trendy in some areas in the West Bank, especially in Ramallah. I see people jogging and cycling all over town. I always see gym parking lots full, and I keep hearing of new “healthy” restaurants opening up!