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Middle Space in an Age of Left and Right

I have recently had several interesting conversations with my adult daughter. Growing up in our home, she was exposed to a wide variety of people and learned to respect those from vastly different communities and cultures. Our home was always open, and over the years we had many guests. Meal times were often occasions of deep and interesting conversations. She internalized values of respect for others, fairness, kindness and a sensitivity to issues of justice and human rights.  

In this Place

In this place they call “a church,”
We search for vision, grasping at shadows
Instead finding everyone walking behind masks
Hiding from the transparent intensity of the light

A Rape in the Holy Land

A woman, beautiful but with the weight of the world seeming to rest on her shoulders, stands alone struggling to grasp what has happened to her-the loss, the violation. What can be done now? Her body still feels the pain of her attack, of this attempt to dominate and destroy because of one selfish man’s desire to wield power. Beyond the physical injuries is a much deeper wound, though; it is an assault on her very identity, an attempt to use the physical fact of femininity to force her into subjugation, without regard to the emotional, mental and physical toll on her.

A Generation Without Vision

Pain and heat seared my eyes, while the kids screamed at my feet. I rushed to the hospital, both for myself and for my son who had also been hit in the eyes. It was a freak cooking accident. As the pain subsided, feelings of guilt and discouragement washed over me. I also wondered, Why both of our eyes? However, the doctor’s words are what will be seared into my mind more permanently than the scars we endured:

8 Reflections on a Year of Blogging

A month ago, we passed a significant milestone after blogging together for 1 year, a milestone that passed in the midst of renewed violence in Palestine and Israel. In this year, we have shared laughter, tears and frustration and have grown in the process of sharing our hearts with each other and with you, our readers. Our bloggers each decided to share what this past year has meant to them:  


The following post was written before the most recent wave of violence began, tragically claiming lives on both sides, and resulting in increased police presence, arrests and clashes between Israeli security forces and Palestinian civilians. While I recognize the heightened emotions that Israelis and Palestinians both have and the desire to distance ourselves from each other, I still stand by the following words, with all sensitivity to those suffering from these tensions.

Goody Two Shoes and Y on Elections, Fear, and Hope for Change

Israelis and Palestinians have just emerged from a dramatic election that solidly demonstrated how polarized society is and how much fear sells. Israelis are choosing to keep themselves secure even at the cost of everything else. But we did see a glimmer of hope, a sign of things to come perhaps. The Arab parties united to become the third largest block in the Israeli parliament, a powerful statement by a segment of the population that is so often ignored. Second, the very reason many were disappointed was because of the massive discontent among Israelis at the way things have been going and widespread desire for change. Not widespread enough, perhaps, but still quite prevalent.


A Dream for the New Year, Part 4 OF 4

In this fourth and final post of this series, we hear from two of our regulars regarding their hopes and dreams of what should be if anything could be in this New Year. As we close this series, the thoughts shared by our bloggers require effort to take place. We are willing to engage in the effort necessary to change our present for a better future. We hope you will dream with us of what could be in your context, so we can all make changes for a better world together.