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Bee Delivery

A few weeks ago, my cousin visited from Italy. We were supposed to drive from the Galilee to Jerusalem together, and from there she would continue on her own to visit Hebron.

A Memory 1 Year After Gaza

Summer 2014, One Year AgoThe siren wails as I stand in the stairwell of my apartment building, staring at the paint chipping on its walls and counting until I hear the “boom,” signaling that impact has been made somewhere and it is safe to return to our apartment. My son moves happily, oblivious to the gravity of war, his mind still on the music we had been dancing to mere seconds before.

Use a Tuk Tuk: Part 2

‘We will let you pass,’ the soldier said. My heart leapt in my chest. I will make it across the border! ‘Use a tuk tuk,’ he said, ‘It is a long, narrow and dark area, too long to walk.’

Use a Tuk Tuk

I am from the Gaza Strip. I was born and raised here, spending my childhood and teenage years on this small piece of land between Israel, Egypt and the sea. I studied in Egypt, and by the time I graduated, there was war. So I left Egypt to live in Libya. There I met my husband, who is from Bethlehem. After six years we returned to his family and home in the West Bank.

Beginners Guide: Unexplained Palestinian Cultural Norms

Do you ever wonder why Palestinians have certain cultural traditions that just don't make sense to you? Well,  the same can be said about other cultures too but it doesn't stop us from wondering. Maybe we are asking the wrong question and instead of asking why we should ask what to do. Here is a list of unexplained Palestinian cultural norms to enrich your cultural knowledge, and perhaps bring back some memories from your time spent with us. And if you do have an explanation to some of them, feel free to share with us. 

Reflections from War Encounters, #3

After the second visit, we speak with a hospital public relations representative.  (To read about the previous two visits, scroll down.)  The war goes on.  As long as it continues, we must do something.  It’s not enough to think we’ve done our part, made our contribution. The patients love the music, the hospital spokesperson tells us.  So we tell her we will return and bring more musicians.  

Christmas in Gaza

Since the war in Gaza over the summer, many innocent civilians are faced with the overwhelming task of rebuilding their homes and their livelihoods. Life was already far from easy before the war, with a suffocating blockade by Israel and Egypt, making it nearly impossible to make a decent living or gain access to basic necessities.

Since the war, life is nearly unbearable for many and, as Christmas nears, Christians are trying to salvage hope so that they can be a light to those around them.

Reflections from War Encounters, #2

 He is a paramedic.  Both of his legs have fractures.  His mother tries to lift the blankets to show us; Hussein protests.  The family is happy to have us with them.  As the flutist plays, they smile and sing along.  They are happy, jolly even.  They want songs from the Titanic and Aladdin.  They film us and the music, capturing these moments for their own memory. 

A mother’s cry

Now that the war is over, my son decided to come and visit. He came for many different reasons, one being that his sister-in-law is getting married, and the other that he was hoping to baptize his daughter. Well, how can this happen? Where can he visit? Is it Gaza or the West Bank? 

Reflections from War Encounters, #1

Reflections with injured Gazans treated in Jerusalem during summer 2014.

We call them casualties.  We call them collateral damage.  We call them unintended consequences.  They call themselves something different.  If you’d like, we can introduce you to some of them.