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Developing a Sense of Time Constancy

If we can’t see the social change we work toward, are our efforts misplaced and do our words fall on deaf ears? We pour our hearts into specific endeavors, exerting great effort toward a cause, and sometimes, we seem to be making great progress! Then we look around us -- when we read the news, when we talk to the ever-present pessimists claiming to be pragmatists, when a new wave of violence begins to bubble to the surface (belying tensions and unsettled issues lurking beneath the “quiet” and “status quo”) -- and our hearts can sink in despair. Did our efforts even make a difference? Can we ever really change anything?

BREAKING NEWS: Hamas fills in tunnels, Israel dismantles nuclear weapons

In an unprecedented move, Hamas and the Israeli government have taken bold steps to change the face of the conflict and the Middle East. Hamas has declared that it will lay down its arms, and in a show of good-faith, they are filling in all their tunnels. The Israeli public has reacted with shock and disbelief. Israel, not to be outdone, has announced the dismantlement of its nuclear and chemical weapons, and calls for a regional convention on nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction. The Palestinian public is waiting to see evidence of Israel’s weapon dismantlement.