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5 Responses to Ramadan

The Muslim fast of Ramadan is upon us, leaving many Christians and Messianic Jewish Israelis apprehensive about the month to come. How do we respond to this month? Will there be increased tensions and violence?

7 things you should know about Ramadan in Palestine

As a Christian, I do not observe Ramadan. However, living in a country where the majority are Muslims, Ramadan becomes a part of our lives and a wonderful part of the year. Ramadan is such a fun time, as there are many events and celebrations during this month, and it’s so fun to participate in the “iftar” (breaking of the fast) with friends and colleagues.

How to Iftar: From a Muslim to a non-Muslim

If you’re invited to an iftar  meal during Ramadan, here is a short description of what to expect, and some suggestions for what to bring with you.  

Each evening during Ramadan Muslims break their fast with the meal known as iftar. An iftar meal is full of juices, teas, sweets, and appetizers and sometimes even main dishes. It is a celebrated occasion each evening and family and friends (Muslim and non-Muslim) are often invited.