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Intifada Conversations: The Frustrating, Confusing and Encouraging

Terrible times like those we have experienced this past fall/winter in Israel-Palestine can shake us to our cores. What emerges can bring out the best or the worst in us. More often than not, I think it brings out both simultaneously -- we often turn inward to support our loved ones and our own people, and exhibit fear and suspicion toward those who are part of the other. Here are a few conversations I have been a part of that have offended, frustrated, moved and encouraged me.

Guns or Cake - You choose

. . . and the violence continues to rage. As we face a new intifada, this is indeed new and qualitatively different from any other intifada we have known. This time there seems to be little, if any, coordination between the attacks and the counter attacks. 

The “Intifada” and a Heart Torn in Two

The sounds of sirens and helicopters seem to have intruded the air all around me in Jerusalem, interrupting life on a consistent basis. As I drive my children to their daycare, I am suddenly passed by dozens of emergency vehicles. I arrive and find that, sure enough, another attack has taken place just down the street. It’s not the first time, and everyone is worried. Another desperate Palestinian teenager with a knife has been shot dead and a Jewish civilian is seriously injured with wounds inflicted by the knife in the dead teenager’s hand, his life likely forever changed and scarred.

Jerusalem: A Hope in Hell


Startled, I jolted out of my sleep, sitting up as our walls and windows shuddered at the residual impact of a bomb. It was early, still dark. What could be happening? After an hour of scrolling through Facebook and news sites, I found an article reporting a terrorist’s house demolition.

Our Tips to Survive an Intifada

The dramatic surge in violence in Israel and Palestine cannot be called an intifada since we have yet to see if the violence and counter-violence persist, or if violent actions are condoned and embraced by national leadership. At the same time, incitement from our leaders, tension regarding Haram al-Sharif/the Temple Mount, increased restrictions and spreading unrest seem to indicate that we are slipping into this abyss once again. If this is where we are headed, here are a few tips to help prepare you for this eventuality. Stay safe, come what may.  

Pregnancy and the ‘Third Intifada'

I have lately been thinking about how weird it is to be in this time of turmoil, supposedly a “third intifada,” just as I am nearing the end of my pregnancy. It really made me ponder things and the world that I am bringing a child into. I can be either optimistic or pessimistic about it and even find humor in the fact that life never seems boring these days. Most of the time, I sway between all three in the same week!

The Third Intifada?

During the past week we have begun to see the words ‘third intifada’ appear in a number of news sites, along with other names, such as a ‘car intifada.’  While it’s too soon to tell if what we are experiencing will continue and worsen into what will truly be an ‘intifada,’ we have seen a tightening of security measures following successful attacks on civilians.  It’s important to remember that this isn’t new, though.  Violence and injustice are constantly simmering here, and these attacks gain more coverage and response, a sort of bubbling and bursting at the surface, a reminder that all is not well, the status quo of occupation is insufficient, and the suffering touches all of us.