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Can I Participate If I Disagree?

Some time ago Bee and I were discussing our shared frustration at similar experiences.  Bee attended a religious event with a particular theological inclination different from hers, and I attended a cultural event with strong political affiliations different from mine.

A Palestinian Christian visits an Evangelical Festival Abroad - Part 1

The other day, a friend told me about an Evangelical festival [1] taking place in one of the major cities I was visiting. It was sponsored by more than 150 Evangelical churches in that city. She encouraged me to visit but also warned me that it might be more supportive of the Jewish people than Arabs, and more specifically Palestinians. I was intrigued and off I went. 

Submission: An Assault on Identity

Time and again I think myself above it, too strong, and then stumble and fall at the feet of patriarchy, told once again that to be strong is not appropriate. From all sides, I hear that I should be “submissive” - that to have dreams and ambitions, to fight for what I am passionate about, is not appropriate for me, a woman. I have too many goals; I am too independent, too much of a risk-taker. These are not the qualities of the ideal woman. I am not “domestic” enough; my ideas and opinions are too strong and don’t fit in the community I find myself in. 

Capitalizing on Fear

The other day as I arrived to my car, I noticed a flier set on the window. I didn’t pay it any attention. It was only a few hours later, after arriving to my destination that I looked a little closer. As I examined the images, I was very disturbed. The ad said:

Israel and her Palestinian Mistress

When an Israeli gets themselves involved in a peace initiative -  as simple as meeting with Palestinians - they have to consider the effect of it on their lives. Peace is not something Israelis take lightly. How is it going to affect their life and surrounding? What are their family and friends going to respond? I understand that and recently, it has become more dangerous to publicly endorse or to be perceived as a peace advocate.

Bottle of Water

Recently, I participated in a meeting where a group of Israelis and Palestinians discussed ways to work together. This meeting had a heavy cloud over it because we all knew that our governments are ineffective in bringing positive change to our peoples. Yet we met, trying to do what our leaders are not. We sought to find some sort of hope in a dysfunctional system. 

Intifada Conversations: The Frustrating, Confusing and Encouraging

Terrible times like those we have experienced this past fall/winter in Israel-Palestine can shake us to our cores. What emerges can bring out the best or the worst in us. More often than not, I think it brings out both simultaneously -- we often turn inward to support our loved ones and our own people, and exhibit fear and suspicion toward those who are part of the other. Here are a few conversations I have been a part of that have offended, frustrated, moved and encouraged me.

An Unlikely Friendship, Part 1 of 2

In 2011, my employer encouraged me to see beyond the present as I had been working and teaching in the same institution for several years.  That July, I applied to study at Tel Aviv University’s Sofaer International program.  I had two main hesitations.  First, I wasn’t sure if I would be accepted as a business degree is quite different from the degree I studied for my BA.  Second, I am a Palestinian; Tel Aviv is in Israel.

Bee Responds to The Problem with Permits


Abbsi, my dear friend, as a Palestinian who enjoys freedom of movement, it aches me that you are stripped of such a basic right. I cannot understand how it it feels to be denied this. You are right that Israelis can freely move and travel; however, they are trapped in a different kind of prison: the prison of fear.