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A Familiar Discomfort 

How did it happen that it all feels so familiar – riots, violence, bloodshed, and the lead-like weights on my heart making it hard to breathe or even think?

Peace Shackled, Justice Buried

I try in vain to put my children to sleep amidst shouts of “Death to Arabs!” mixed with chants threatening homosexuals, mixed-race couples and anyone in relationship with Palestinians. The extremist right-wing group Lehava is staging a protest in response to a neighboring art gallery’s hosting activists to speak against the occupation. 

5 Things Palestinians Look Forward to on Christmas

As this is my son’s first Christmas, it’s obviously very exciting for us! Thinking of how my son will grow up near the town where Christmas began makes me think of all the wonderful things about Christmas in Palestine. I know there are many more things than I can list in this post, but here are a few that come to mind during this Christmas season.

An East Jerusalem Birthday

It was a cold, crisp November day in Jerusalem and the kids and I had been invited to a birthday party in a neighborhood in East Jerusalem that I have been working in. The family’s son specifically asked that my kids come. This neighborhood, in particular, has become very special to me and I have fallen in love with many of its residents. They are incredibly generous despite their own challenges and have welcomed me warmly into their community. One day, I even walked out of a home to find a crew of young men fixing all the dents in my car and the places where my bumper was not screwed in correctly after an accident, work that would have cost hundreds of shekels in a garage! Yet they refused payment.

Nakba: Palestine in Our Blood and Memory

Living in Palestine is a privilege.  I did not choose to live here, but I was born here, as my mother and father before me, and their mothers and fathers before them, and the land and its history are in our blood and memory.  When visitors ask my father, “How long has your family been living in the country?” he always replies, “My grandfathers played chess with the shepherds who received the good news about the birth of Jesus Christ.”