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Mary Bears Witness

For all of you who come into this holiday season with heavy burdens, Mary bears witness and her story is for you. It was her son who said, “All you who are weary and burdened, come and I will give you rest.” And he was gone. What rest and hope are left when a mother stares at the lifeless body of her eldest child?

What About the Mothers-in-Law in the Christmas Story? Part 2

Alice: Today, as I was preparing my weekly kneidlach, my wonderful, gorgeous, handsome and talented son burst through the doors with the most amazing news! My boy, oh, he could have been so much more than a carpenter-lawyer, doctor, tax collector-he's a wonderful son!  Ah, but then he settled for Miriam and a small, provincial life in this one-camel town.  Ah well....maybe the Grandson will amount to something.

What About the Mothers-in-Law in the Christmas Story? Part 1

Goody Two Shoes:  You are not going to believe this, but last night Joseph came home and told us Mary, his fiancé, is pregnant!!! I was so shocked but I should have saved it because what came next topped the whole sorry tale...She (I can hardly utter her name-Mary)...she said God was responsible for getting her pregnant!!! How blasphemous!!! AS IF...Now I have heard some stories in the past about miracles and such, but this is ridiculous!

10 Questions Every Palestinian Parent Asks

In Palestine, people are eager to have their children get married. This is how it starts. When your son or daughter turn 25 they are considered ‘too old’ to find a spouse, and parents start the ‘Mr. or Mrs. Right’ search for them. The parents are worried they may fail in their task; in order to ensure success, they ask the neighborhood and the surrounding community to keep their eyes open.