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Reflections from War Encounters, #3

After the second visit, we speak with a hospital public relations representative.  (To read about the previous two visits, scroll down.)  The war goes on.  As long as it continues, we must do something.  It’s not enough to think we’ve done our part, made our contribution. The patients love the music, the hospital spokesperson tells us.  So we tell her we will return and bring more musicians.  

Reflections from War Encounters, #2

 He is a paramedic.  Both of his legs have fractures.  His mother tries to lift the blankets to show us; Hussein protests.  The family is happy to have us with them.  As the flutist plays, they smile and sing along.  They are happy, jolly even.  They want songs from the Titanic and Aladdin.  They film us and the music, capturing these moments for their own memory.