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Nakba: Palestine in Our Blood and Memory

Living in Palestine is a privilege.  I did not choose to live here, but I was born here, as my mother and father before me, and their mothers and fathers before them, and the land and its history are in our blood and memory.  When visitors ask my father, “How long has your family been living in the country?” he always replies, “My grandfathers played chess with the shepherds who received the good news about the birth of Jesus Christ.”

Living the Nakba

“But that was before. Before…”

A heavy silence filled the bare-walled room in East Amman where I sat with three generations of Palestinian refugees. A moment before, we had sat rapt as Abu Nizar, a broad-shouldered man of eighty-five, shared animated tales of growing up on an olive farm outside Jerusalem. As a young boy, he’d tended to the groves with his father, mother, and siblings, learning the rich lore of the ancient crops.

One Jew’s Reflection on Nakba Day

This month has three major events and when I considered what I wanted to write about, for some unknown reasonI found myself resonating strongly with Nakba Day. No, I am not a displaced Palestinian. I’m close to being the polar opposite – I’m an Israeli Jew who freely immigrated to this land several decades ago.  

A Celebration of Loss: Israeli Palestinians on Israel's Independence Day

I want to try to explain how this day feels for me as an Israeli-Palestinian. Israel’s independence day is a hard day because on that day, 67 years ago, my people lost their state. As a Palestinian citizen of Israel, I am part of the Palestinian people by heritage, and part of the Israeli people by citizenship. On the day my country celebrates its birth, I grieve the loss of my nation. On days like these, the contradiction between my country and my people is highlighted.

Palestinians(Arabs) role in the Israeli Elections Campaign

As we approach the Israeli elections day, each party has a limited period of time to share their vision and goals to the public. Posters, advertisements, online commercials and flyers are being distributed to inform and convince voters. As a member of the Palestinian minority in Israel with a right to vote, I want to know what each party has to offer me and my minority in the state.