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To Be Switzerland

In highschool, we studied the countries involved in the World Wars.  We learned about the two main groups opposing each other during World War II, the Allied and Axis Powers, and we also learned about a third group, the neutral one, namely Switzerland.

Beginners Guide: Unexplained Palestinian Cultural Norms

Do you ever wonder why Palestinians have certain cultural traditions that just don't make sense to you? Well,  the same can be said about other cultures too but it doesn't stop us from wondering. Maybe we are asking the wrong question and instead of asking why we should ask what to do. Here is a list of unexplained Palestinian cultural norms to enrich your cultural knowledge, and perhaps bring back some memories from your time spent with us. And if you do have an explanation to some of them, feel free to share with us. 

Sunday Morning Groceries & Conversation

I pull my full cart to the checkout line. A young woman with dark, straight hair smiles at me. My eyes are immediately drawn to the large wooden cross necklace she wears. It is prominent and obvious, and she is proud of it. She is interesting and I’ve never seen her before. I have frequented this store and others in the same chain for years, and the only Arabs in the store are those who work in the deli, re-stock shelves, organize produce and, on rare occasion, bag groceries. I’ve never seen an Arab work at the cash register.

Palestinian Arameans

There is a specific event circulating in the news for a while now, and it is just one of those articles that i am deeply conflicted about. The one I am inclined to name. I don't want to just express my thoughts about it or react to it, so i am trying to see through the symptoms and think about the core issues at stake.