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Rampant Radical Rhetoric

I’m a person who likes to read. I read widely and appreciate many styles and genres including news, non-fiction, journalism, poetry, theology, literature, academic and scientific writing and many kinds of fiction. I tend, however, to stay away from, or only occasionally visit, the popular forms of social media like Facebook and Twitter. After all, I can’t read everything. . . 

How Do You News?

Recently some people have asked us what news sources we like, so we asked our eight bloggers where they look for daily updates on local and world news.  What’s the best way to look for your news?  We suggest looking at more than one source, and preferably, sources approaching issues from different angles.

To News or Not to News?

Each day as I open the computer, look at my emails and peruse the latest news I never know what to expect; in any case, on any day, certainly the news will not be good. The days blend into one other with ongoing reports of violence, retaliation, political upheaval, attacks on innocent people and general unrest. In times such as these apathy or disillusionment are constant enticements. I have determined not to succumb to these insidious temptations. Remaining steadfast in light of renewed rockets and retaliations, leaders spewing hatred, and polarized rhetoric I sometimes wonder if its better not to know.