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A Farewell

When the blog began, it was an important outlet for me.  I felt there were too few voices seeking to speak peace into the violence and anger following the 2014 Israel-Gaza Conflict.

Can I Participate If I Disagree?

Some time ago Bee and I were discussing our shared frustration at similar experiences.  Bee attended a religious event with a particular theological inclination different from hers, and I attended a cultural event with strong political affiliations different from mine.

Chasing After “Boo Boos”

My son has a new playground pastime-chasing kids down to kiss their “boo-boos.”

In my attempts to teach my son to be compassionate, I have now created a monster! One part of me is proud of it while another part is utterly embarrassed about the behavior.

Love and Power

The way we respond in crisis has the opportunity to be powerful, if we hold on to love while doing so. It’s so easy to respond to the hatred around us with anger that gives rise to condemnation, that causes us to contemplate revenge. In spite of an ongoing commitment to nonviolence, a commitment to restoration, a commitment to love, practicing this is not easy.