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Until this becomes a reality

When we started this blog, we had just come out of a war. Wounded and traumatized by the responses of our people and community, we decided to create this blog, a window to our pursuit of peace.

3 Prayers for Palestinian Mother’s Day

Being a mother for the first time is such a surreal experience. You need some time to wrap your head around the idea that a little human being has come into this world and is fully and completely reliant on you. While it's a lot of pressure to handle, it's the most beautiful thing to know that you are nourishing and growing this baby and that you are the most essential part of their happiness.

Arab Idol and Palestinianhood

Palestinians are a resilient people. Despite immense challenges they face, they are rising in the film industry, arts and other areas of pop culture. Through  persistence, hard work and talent, they are winning headlines and awards, from local contests to world renowned contests like the Oscars. And as they get there, each side tries to gain ownership over their creations. Are they Israeli? Are they Palestinian? More importantly, how is their success perceived? 

An American at Allenby Crossing - Part 3

As we wait, I watch the tired crowds move from line to line - old men and women, little children releasing pent-up energy and playing tag.  A young woman moves slowly with two hand crutches.  Her legs are uneven.   It is getting late; I can sense that it is dark outside.