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Arab Idol and Palestinianhood

Palestinians are a resilient people. Despite immense challenges they face, they are rising in the film industry, arts and other areas of pop culture. Through  persistence, hard work and talent, they are winning headlines and awards, from local contests to world renowned contests like the Oscars. And as they get there, each side tries to gain ownership over their creations. Are they Israeli? Are they Palestinian? More importantly, how is their success perceived? 

7 Palestinian Password Patterns

Have you ever thought about wifi password patterns? Recently, I’ve been thinking about this as I’ve noted a certain consistency in Palestinian password preferences. Here are a few common passwords Palestinians like to use. Whether you are in a private home or a restaurant in Palestine, I highly suspect it is one of the following:

Car Trouble and Patriarchy in Palestine

“It is your fault! I have the right of way and you didn’t stop!” says Abu Hisham, the Palestinian driver, who just sideswiped my car, sliding his side doors into my blinker.

“I was already in the middle of the road! Where should I go?” I respond angrily. 

Bee Delivery

A few weeks ago, my cousin visited from Italy. We were supposed to drive from the Galilee to Jerusalem together, and from there she would continue on her own to visit Hebron.