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Perception Is Reality

Of late, I’ve been struck with how our perceptions differ so greatly from those of others who observe or experience the same things. I first began to realize this when I had friends who were brothers. There was about a ten-year age difference between them. I had much interaction with both brothers and as our relationships deepened, they began to tell me stories from their childhood, about their parents and how they were raised. If I hadn’t known they were brothers, there is no way I could have recognized that they came from the same family and had the same parents. Their perspective as to how they had been raised was as if they had been raised by totally different people. I never forgot this lesson. I learned that our perceptions of events can differ beyond recognition when compared with the perceptions of others who experienced precisely the same things.   

What is Strength?

Strength. It’s something we all value. Weakness is hard for us to tolerate in ourselves and in others.

I think I’ve misheard the young woman sitting across from me as she tells me I’m incredibly strong. This coming from a woman who has been CEO of an organization, founded another project and stood her ground as a conscientious objector in the Israel-Palestine conflict. And she doesn’t really know anything about me.

Chasing After “Boo Boos”

My son has a new playground pastime-chasing kids down to kiss their “boo-boos.”

In my attempts to teach my son to be compassionate, I have now created a monster! One part of me is proud of it while another part is utterly embarrassed about the behavior.

Palestinians(Arabs) role in the Israeli Elections Campaign

As we approach the Israeli elections day, each party has a limited period of time to share their vision and goals to the public. Posters, advertisements, online commercials and flyers are being distributed to inform and convince voters. As a member of the Palestinian minority in Israel with a right to vote, I want to know what each party has to offer me and my minority in the state. 

Beginners Guide: Unexplained Palestinian Cultural Norms

Do you ever wonder why Palestinians have certain cultural traditions that just don't make sense to you? Well,  the same can be said about other cultures too but it doesn't stop us from wondering. Maybe we are asking the wrong question and instead of asking why we should ask what to do. Here is a list of unexplained Palestinian cultural norms to enrich your cultural knowledge, and perhaps bring back some memories from your time spent with us. And if you do have an explanation to some of them, feel free to share with us. 

Perceptions speak louder than words

I attended a conference the other day for a Christian entity on a managerial topic. From the beginning of that meeting the leading pastor was welcoming everyone and from his choice of words i could understand that there are also people of other faiths, or people who are not necessarily evangelical. I was very impressed because the majority of events, whether intentional or not, seem to exclude others.