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Guesswork, Grievance and Game of Thrones at Ben Gurion Airport

"As of this moment, you have been denied entry to the State of Israel,” says a rotund and tanned security interrogator as we sit in his incommodious office at Ben Gurion Airport. “Now, I can help you out here, but you will have to help me, and I need some names… now.”

I’m three hours into my stay with the Israeli security services and unbeknown to myself, in one of my previous visits to Israel/Palestine, I attended a demonstration and was brazen enough to have thrown stones at soldiers in the full glare of IDF photographers.

Ubiquity of Fear

Peace is ever elusive and safety is becoming increasingly distant for growing numbers of us in Israel/Palestine. Fear is rampant and there are times when its presence is tangible. We’ve become accustomed to the unpredictable. After all, if summer in Gaza 2014 showed us anything it was that we are all vulnerable and even “terrorists” can unpredictably strike at will.