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Celebration and Remembrance

This is a time of holidays, celebrations and remembrance. As Jews, we are a people of passion and extremes. We remember our history as a people in repeating cycles of weeks, months and years. We always seem to be remembering something from our long history. Our memorials and celebrations are often framed by death, destruction, suffering and loss. We remember that deliverance comes at a cost.

What is Strength?

Strength. It’s something we all value. Weakness is hard for us to tolerate in ourselves and in others.

I think I’ve misheard the young woman sitting across from me as she tells me I’m incredibly strong. This coming from a woman who has been CEO of an organization, founded another project and stood her ground as a conscientious objector in the Israel-Palestine conflict. And she doesn’t really know anything about me.

To the Suffering: A Holiday Message of Love

As I write this Christmas post, my heart is heavy as I’m reminded of the millions of Iraqi/Syrian refugees that will be spending this season away from their homes and families. I’m also reminded of the Palestinian mothers who will be spending this season missing their sons/daughters who have been killed in the latest round of violence in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

A Palestinian and Israeli Response to the Refugee Crisis

This week, a single photo of three year old Aylan Kurdi moved the world to take notice of a crisis that has actually been ongoing for years. There are now over 11 million Syrian refugees, with more Syrians displaced than not, making this the largest refugee crisis since World War II. Here are some reflections from 6 of our bloggers.

One Jew’s Reflection on Nakba Day

This month has three major events and when I considered what I wanted to write about, for some unknown reasonI found myself resonating strongly with Nakba Day. No, I am not a displaced Palestinian. I’m close to being the polar opposite – I’m an Israeli Jew who freely immigrated to this land several decades ago.  

3 thoughts on Holocaust Remembrance

Today we remember the painful and destructive genocide inflicted upon the Jewish people, commemorated starting the evening of April 15 until the evening of April 16.  We also remember the grave losses faced by the Armenian people in their genocide, commemorated on April 24. We honor the millions killed and the cutting off of future generations by recalling that these evils happened, by affirming that they matter, and by remembering the empty, terrible loss.  May this never happen again.

Snow Falls on the (un)Holy City

The following is a simple poetic account reflecting my thoughts on the snow that fell in Jerusalem recently. Jerusalem is a city that is beautiful, on the one hand, and yet a dirty reality becomes apparent underneath that beauty. This poem is to illustrate both the beauty and the ugliness that is the reality of this city.