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6 Politically Conscious Palestinian Christmas Gifts

During the Christmas season, we are often busy with family and friends as we prepare for the holiday. While it’s an important time where we recall and celebrate the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ, we should also remember that the same city Jesus was born into and the Christian descendents of some of his earliest followers are today under political occupation. As you shop this holiday season, consider supporting these nonviolent and creative Palestinian Christian efforts to raise awareness and support themselves this holiday season.

7 Palestinian Password Patterns

Have you ever thought about wifi password patterns? Recently, I’ve been thinking about this as I’ve noted a certain consistency in Palestinian password preferences. Here are a few common passwords Palestinians like to use. Whether you are in a private home or a restaurant in Palestine, I highly suspect it is one of the following:

Reflections at a Palestinian Funeral

In Palestinian culture, when someone dies, the customs surrounding mourning and condolences are separated by gender.  The day of the funeral, the coffin is first brought to the women, and afterwards it is taken to the cemetery by the men where they say goodbye. It is a long day where family and friends join in and communally mourn together. The hours spent sitting and mourning include many moments of silence, contemplation, grief and some outbreaks of humor.

5 Types of Eyebrows Every Palestinian Woman Has Seen

Hair is a topic that is very important for Palestinians. It is the first sign of maturity for children as they hit puberty. Lets face it -- we are Middle Eastern, and hairy is one of the adjectives that refers to us. For boys, as they start to grow mustache hair, it is a great moment for father and son to learn how to shave. For girls, that mother and daughter moment is getting her eyebrows done!

Hosting the Last Supper (Part 3)

As we enter both Easter and Passover, we asked our bloggers to give their thoughts on what it would have been like to host the Last Supper. Most people know the story but never consider who the hosts were or what it must have been like to be asked to host the momentous occasion. Here is part 3 as our bloggers present their unique perspectives on this idea: