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The Myth of Balance: Navigating Cyberbalkanization in a Post-Truth Era

As an avid follower of the US presidential election and usually intermittent but more recently obsessed consumer of the news, it’s hard to make sense of the many voices coming from the White House and various news sources.  I understand that we can look at one event from different angles, but the levels of misinformation are troubling.

A Muslim convert’s reaction to the upcoming US elections

I am an American 100%, born and raised. At age 16, after much exploration, I decided to convert to Islam. Thankfully, I was born in a country that allows each individual to choose their beliefs. I have now been a Muslim for more than half of my life. Since I am white and do not wear the hijab (headscarf), my Muslimness goes unnoticed. In other words, I rarely encounter prejudice or profiling. 

What Trump Really Represents

I was just a simple airline employee for the luxurious Qatar Airways, biding my time in the service industry before beginning my studies towards a masters degree, when I encountered now US presidential candidate Donald Trump several times in the course of a few months. We had instructions straight from the top that he was to be treated exceptionally; he would always fly first class, of course, all this courtesy of the Qatari royal family, the al-Thanis, who also own the airline.